Congratulation to Zhong Li on the acceptance of his Angewandte Chemie International Edition paper!
Four-Shell Polyoxometalates Featuring High-Nuclearity Ln26 Clusters: Structural Transformations of Nanoclusters into Frameworks Triggered by Transition-Metal Ions


 Abstract: A series of polyoxometalates (POMs) that incorporate the highest-nuclearity Ln clusters that have been observed in such structures to date (Ln26, Ln=La and Ce) are described, which exhibit giant multishell configurations ( Ln⊂W6⊂Ln26⊂W100). Their structures are remarkably different from known giant POMs that feature multiple Ln ions. In particular, the incorporated Ln–O clusters with a nuclearity of 26 are significantly larger than known high-nuclearity (< 10) Ln–O clusters in POM chemistry. Furthermore, they also contain the largest number of La and Ce centers for any POM reported to date and represent a new kind of rare giant POMs with more than 100 Watoms. Interestingly, the Ln26-containing POM can undergo a single-crystal to single-crystal structural transformation in the presence of various transition-metal ions, such as  Cu2+, Co2+, and Ni2+, from an inorganic molecular nanocluster into an inorganic–organic hybrid extended framework that is built from POM building blocks with even highernuclearity La28 clusters bridged by transition-metal complexes.