Congratulation to Qi Yan-Jie on the acceptance of his Crystal Growth & Design paper!
Indium-Based Heterometal−Organic Frameworks with Different Nanoscale Cages: Syntheses, Structures, and Gas Adsorption


 ABSTRACT: A series of rare metal−organic frameworks based on In-M heterometallic clusters [(CH3)2NH2][In3M2(BTC)4(DMF)2(H2O)4Cl2]·solvent (1-M, M = Ca, Sr, Ba, H3BTC = 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid, DMF = N,Ndimethylformamide) have been successfully synthesized. Structural analysis reveals that 1-M represent fascinating three-dimensional porous frameworks constructed from different nanoscale cages. What is more, these new materials exhibit interesting gas adsorption properties that can be tuned by encapsulating different alkaline earth
metal ions.