Xin-Xiong Li




Personal Introduction: Xin-Xiong Li was born in Fujian, China at 1984. He received his BS from Fujian Normal University at 2007. He then joined the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structures of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he received his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Guo-Yu Yang in 2012. After july 2012, he worked as a research assistant at Fujian Institute of Research on the Structures of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences and was promoted as an associate professor at 2014. Since august, 2015, he has been working as an associate professor in the college of chemistry at Fuzhou University. His research interest is focused on the design and syntheses of novel polyoxometalates and cluster organic frameworks with various functions.







Publications after jion Fuzhou Uninversity: 

(14) Li-Dan Lin, Chu-Chu Deng,D. Zhao, Xin-Xiong Li*, Shou-Tian Zheng*, Construction of Zeolite-Like Cluster Organic Frameworks from 3d-4d/3d-3d Heterometallic Superterahedral Secondary Building Units: Syntheses, Structures and properties, Chem. Eur. J.2017,  accepted, DOI: 10. 1002/chem.201704511.

(13)Chu-Chu Deng, Xin-Xiong Li,* Yan-Jie Qi, Xiang Ma, Shou-Tian Zheng and Qing-Xin Zeng*, Construction of Four Indium-Based Heterometallic Metal-Organic Frameworks Containing intersected Indium-Organic Helical Chains and Different Divalent Metal Ion linkers, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. ,2017,  4919-4924.

(12) Jing-Jing Ru, Ya-Nan Gu, Xiang Ma, Jian-Zhong Chen, Shou-tian Zheng, Xin-Xiong Li*, Construction of Two Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Vanadogermanates Based on Di-Cd-Substituted Ge-V-O Cluster and Transition-Metal Complex Bridges, Chinese J. Struct. Chem.2017,accepted, DOI: 10.14102/j.cnki.0254-5861.2011-1741.

(11) Peng-Chao Ci, Zhong Zhang, Bai-Feng Yang,Xin-Xiong Li*,Guo-Yu Yang*, A New 2-D Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Polyoxometalate Based on Mono-Cu-Substituted [CuSiW11O39]n6n? Chains and [Cu(en)2]2+ Bridges, J. Clust. Sci., 2017, 28, 1249–1257. 

(10) Tao Yang, Xin-Xiong Li*, Shou-Tian Zheng, Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Catalysis Property of a Zr-substituted Polyoxometalate Based on [Zr2(μ-OH)2(α-SiW11O39)2]10- Building Blocks, Chinese J. Struct. Chem.2017, 36, 1729-1736.

(9) Zhong Li, Xin-Xiong Li*, Shou-Tian Zheng, Three-Dimensional Architectures Based on 1:1 type Lanthanide-Substituted Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates and Lanthanide Cations, Inorg. Chem. Commun.2017, 80, 27-32. 

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(5) Ya-Xin Li, Zhong Zhang, Bai-Feng Yang, Xin-Xiong Li*, Qiang Zhang*, Guo-Yu Yang*, A two-dimensional (4,4)-network built by tetra-Ni-substituted sandwich-type Keggin polyoxoanions linked by different Ni-organoamine complexes, Inorg. Chem. Commun.2017, 75, 12-15. 

(4) Xiang Ma, Dan Zhao, Li-Fen Lin, Shao-Jie Qin, Wen-Xu Zheng, Yan-Jie Qi, Xin-Xiong Li,* Shou-Tian Zheng, Construction of High-Nuclearity Manganese-Cluster Organic Frameworks By Using A Tripodal Alcohol Ligand, Inorg. chem.2016, 55,11311–11315. 

(3) Xin-Xiong Li, Xiang Ma, Wen-Xu Zheng, Yan-Jie Qi, Shou-Tian Zheng,* and Guo-Yu Yang*, Composite Hybrid Cluster Built from Integration of Polyoxometalate and Metal Halide Cluster: Synthetic Strategy, Structure and Properties, Inorg. chem.2016, 55, 8257–8259. 

(2) Xin-Xiong Li, Kun-Yu Wei, Ting-Ting Zhuang, Wei Xia, Jing-Yu Chen, Rong-Tao Zhang, Shou-Tian Zheng*, Three-dimensional metal-organic framework based on pentanuclear manganese clusters as building blocks, J. Coord. Chem.2016, 69, 1792-1801. 

(1) Kun-Yu Wei,Tao Yang,Shao-jie Qin, Xiang Ma, Xin-Xiong Li*, Guo-Yu Yang*,Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Proton-conducting Property of a 3-D Framework Based on Zr3Na3-Substituted Polyoxometalate Building Blocks, Chinese J. Struct. Chem.2016, 35, 1461-1468. 

Publications before jion Fuzhou Uninversity: 

(1) Xin-Xiong Li, Yang-Xin Wang, Rui-Hu Wang*, Cai-Yan Cui, Chong-Bin Tian, Guo-Yu Yang*, Designed Assembly of Heterometallic Cluster-Organic Frameworks Based on Anderson-type Polyoxometalate Clusters, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2016, 55, 6462-6466. 

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(11) Xin-Xiong Li, Wei-Hui Fang, Guo-Yu Yang*, Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of a novel sandwich germanotungstate: [Ni(dien)(H2O)3]2[Ni(Hdien)2]{[Ni(dien)]2Ni4(H2O)2(GeW9O34)2}.10H2O, Chem.J. Chinese U.2011, 32, 571-576. 

(12) Xin-Xiong Li, Wei-Hui Fang, Guo-Yu Yang*, Hydrothermal Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New 2-D Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Wells–Dawson-Type Polyoxometalate, J. Cluster Sci.2010, 21, 803-811.


(1) 2017年 福建省高校杰出青年科研人才

 (2) 2017年 福州大学旗山学者